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The Hong Kong Wine Judges Association (HKWJA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting wine knowledge and appreciation in Hong Kong and beyond. Established in 2010, the association has grown to become a respected and influential voice in the wine community. With a diverse and experienced membership, the HKWJA is committed to advancing wine education, judging, and communication.

Membership in the HKWJA is open to individuals who have a passion for wine and a desire to learn more about it. To become a member, candidates must pass a rigorous entrance exam that tests their wine knowledge and tasting skills. Membership benefits include access to exclusive wine events, educational seminars, and networking opportunities.

The HKWJA offers a range of education and training programs to help members improve their wine knowledge and tasting skills. These programs include workshops, seminars, and tastings, led by experienced wine professionals and educators. The association also encourages members to pursue wine certifications and advanced degrees to enhance their expertise.

The HKWJA organizes several wine competitions and events throughout the year, including the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition, the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association Wine Competition, and the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair. These events provide opportunities for members to showcase their skills and expertise, and to network with other wine professionals and enthusiasts.


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