Message from the Chairman:




This year marks the association's tenth anniversary. I'd want to express my gratitude to Amy, the previous chairwoman, for her contributions and commitment to the organization, as well as to all of you for your support and confidence!

As we enter the 2020s, Hong Kong has weathered many storms in recent years, and the association has also encountered numerous obstacles. Here, on behalf of the association, we continue to maintain the duty of a non-profit organization: to arrange wine tasting events with a fair and selfless attitude, and to create a platform based on fairness and justice.

We are sure that wine evaluation is no longer the exclusive domain of sommeliers or lone wine reviewers.

Additionally, the organization aims to strengthen ties with different wine business associations in Hong Kong, whether they be chambers of commerce, sommelier associations, or associations of wine reviewers. The association will respect the activities and positions of the main associations and will avoid confrontation or disagreement.

I'd want to emphasize once again that this association's positioning is distinct from that of other organizations:

This Association is distinct from the Sommelier Association and other wine critic groups in that it concentrates on popularization, particularly "Young People" training. As a result, I hope that individuals from all walks of life would re-examine the association's mission and purpose and refrain from making unwarranted comparisons to other organizations, since each organization's mission and purpose is unique and distinct.

All members of this Association, including me, are "volunteers" who work for no compensation. As a result, the number of events and contests conducted by the association is less than that of other organizations. We hope that everyone will show respect and consideration for one another.

Although I work in the wine service and catering business, I urge individuals from all walks of life, particularly young people, to engage in wine review work. I am writing to urge students from various institutions and colleges to join in the Association's events in order to increase their knowledge of wine and future job competitiveness.

I wish the organization continued success and success in overcoming different obstacles.




Best regards,

Chairman of the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association


16 September 2020