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20 Points System (20分制)

Our 20 Point System, based on European and Davis model, adjusted to match Asian & Chinese palate!

我們的評分制以歐洲及著名美國葡萄酒學府的20分制為基礎, 並融合亞洲及中國人口味元素!

We encourage fair and popularization of wine judging culture. Therefore, fully or partial copy of above content is allowed. However, to respect our founding committee’s effort, we appreciated if you can make acknowledgement to “Hong Kong Wine Judges Association” accordingly. Thanks!


我們鼓勵公平、普及化的葡萄酒評審文化。 因此,上述全部或部分內容的轉載是允許的。 不過,為了尊重我們 [創會委員們] 的努力,希望大家可附以鳴謝「香港葡萄酒評審協會」


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