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Certification & Qualification

Hong Kong Wine Judges Association is a non-profit making organization to help the growth of simple, fair, neutral and systematic approach to wine judging culture.  We believe everyone can be a wine judge! 

Therefore, all our associate members have the opportunities to promote to Judge member after sufficient training and assessment. 

Basic requirement Judge member promotion: 100% attendance of "Certificate in International Wine Judge"* program (UK City & Guilds) and passed all of them (partial exemption application is allowed if sufficient qualification/ evidence can be provided).

Apart from professional and serious wine judge training, we also organize wine related events to help our wine friends and any non-members to start their wonderful wine journey! 

*(Attendance must be 100% and not included workshop)

香港葡萄酒評審協會 是一個香港非牟利協會,旨在以大公無私的態度,建立簡單,公平,中立和系統化的葡萄酒評審文化。






基本晉升為評審會員的途徑: 完成整個 "Certificate in International Wine Judge" program (獲英國 City & Guilds 認可) 專業培訓*,並通過所需考核 (本會會視乎個別人士資歷、情況,接受部分豁免申請)。



*(出席率為100% 及不包含 "Workshop")

"Certified Judge Member" will replace all current "Judge Member"

"認證評審會員"   將取代當前所有 "評審會員"


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